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Carpet Repairing

We feel that timely repair of your antique or oriental rug is vital in saving its excellence and worth. Our talented artisans use hundreds of years old Persian practices to preserve and restore your carpet.

We use yarn, fleece and silk of the nearest match in fibre to achieve results that will make your carpet look brand new. We use the finest materials and methods to restore your carpet.

We promise that the work of our talented technicians possessing years of experience in carpets will ensure your satisfaction. We offer a range of services like restoration, colour restoring, reweaving and mothproofing etc.


Oriental Carpets and Rugs are a big investment in your home. It’s frustrating when this piece of Carpet / Rug is torn or burnt. Whatever the issue is, repairing a carpet is an important task.

Our company provides quality services in repairing of all problems with your carpets. Repairing the damaged carpets is not an easy task, therefore a professional approach is required.

We offer all solutions for your stained or damaged carpets in Hong Kong. Small holes, tears, burns, etc. are repaired by our highly qualified technicians. Repairing these not only brings aesthetic value, but also prevents further damages.

For guaranteed results, always turn to a professional. It sometimes sounds expensive to hire a repairing service, but due to the education and experience of the expert, it’s not a waste. We have special tools and substances, which are needed in the repairing process.Sometimes few burns or tears can get worse and without fixing they can cause more damage to the carpet.Another issue is that, sometimes the carpets become lumpy or wavy, or it is bunching or bulging, in this case, stretching by a professional team is required, they tighten the surface and straighten the loosening effect. It is not an easy process and proper technique is required. If proper force{Tension}is not applied, then it may get worse.

Therefore, always go for a professional approach for repairing your carpets, as these are expensive, you cannot buy these again and again, its maintenance is required once and it’s very important.

Any hard stain, tear or any burn, simply contact us and we will provide you the solution. We offer all carpet repair services in your own city Hong Kong at really affordable rates.

Carpet repairing can be achieved by both traditional and modern methods. Experts say that clean carpets are more visually pleasing, durable and healthier. There are many methods of carpet repairing, depending on its condition. The toughest and deepest damages are very easily repaired by us. Our team of experts is trained and they manage to repair your carpets and rugs in an excellent way and make them new again.It is thought that if the carpet is damaged then the easiest way to buy a new one but it is an expensive way to solve the issue. Moreover it is really difficult to find a perfectly suitable carpet for your home again.