Innovation and Technology Centre

Innovation and Technology Centre

Established in 2015, the Innovation and Technology Centre works to promote innovation, necessary for economic and developmental growth in Pakistan. It is a platform for academics, the business community and the public sector to collaborate in areas of economic and social importance, including: innovation and technology, macroeconomic and microeconomic constraints facing firms, productivity growth, manufacturing, export promotion, and environmental sustainability.

The centre is working on various exciting projects in the soccer balls industry, readymade garments sector and textiles. Currently, the research team is working on a soccer ball project in which the team is looking at how subsidizing high quality inputs impact quality upgradation in the soccer ball sector, a technology and innovation mapping project which aims to compare the technologies used in the soccer ball and readymade garments sector in Pakistan with the international market to see how far behind Pakistan is in adopting new technologies. Also, the research team is working to benchmark the productivity of garment factories in Pakistan.

Major contributions of the centre include developing a cost saving technology for the soccer ball manufacturers in Pakistan resulting in 1% cost saving for the industry which operates with a very low profit margin. This research has been jointly conducted by researchers at the Lahore School of Economics, Columbia University, University of Warwick and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Inspired by the spillover effect and benefits from this innovation, the Government of Punjab has put in place an innovation fund to further promote innovation in other industries and sectors in Punjab.


Dr Azam Chaudhry

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Economics

Theresa Chaudhry

Professor of Economics

Dr. Moazzam

Professor, Department of Economics

Aimal Tanvir

Teaching & Research Fellow

Saman Khan

Research Associate

Nida Jamil

Research Associate

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